After a recent SPSE Basic Evangelization Training in Phoenix, AZ, experienced team members joined those who had never evangelized before so the new evangelists could get in some practice while concepts from the course were still fresh. Experienced evangelist Adam reported the following story to SPSE.

He said that it was so much fun evangelizing with the Phoenix team. They were thanked repeatedly that they weren’t like the other street preachers, who scream at people through megaphones and tell them they are going to hell. Instead, the friendly SPSE evangelizers quietly engaged people who were interested in conversations about the Faith.

Adam talked to one young woman who saw that our sign invited people to ask questions. She asked, “May I sincerely ask any question I want?”

Adam told her, “Absolutely.”

The woman then told him that she couldn’t find a god that she could worship because she was a scientist. She had heard that the Catholic Church took a strong stance against science and evolution.

Adam then let her know that she had been misinformed. He talked to her about how the Catholic Church has been the patron of the sciences, about the work the Church has done to further the study of science, how Pope Benedict XVI led talks on creation and evolution, and how faith and reason are not incompatible.

By the end of the conversation, the woman seemed very open to start attending the local parish.

Good job, Phoenix!