The Boise team’s newest member, Joe Bruce, is shown here with evangelist Val Allen.Joe is involved in with youth ministry at a nearby parish and has walked past the Boise team’s table every week for several months now. Today, he stopped and asked Val if he could join the Boise team.

“Of course!” Val said.

“By the way,” Joe added, “have you guys noticed that the sun is always shining when you’re out here?”

Evangelists Val and Lucy Stamm laughed.

“Yes,” Lucy said, “it’s an on-going miracle that God has been working for us for two years now. No matter how awful the weather has been, by Sunday afternoon it’s dry and relatively pleasant.”

Val, who commutes to the evangelization site from across town, added, “And sometimes the break in the weather is only for the very short window of time that we’re out here.”

“That’s true,” Lucy confirmed. “We take it to mean that God wants us to keep coming out here, doing this.”

The fact that Joe noticed the miracle makes the team think that God will be using him in the SPSE apostolate in a big way to lead people to (or back to) Jesus Christ and the Church that He founded. Welcome aboard, Joe!

Please pray for Joe and pray for the Boise team. Please also pray that God sends all our team’s more evangelists. Many Catholics feel they are too busy or too afraid to evangelize and all of our teams need help. Please also pray about getting involved, either by hitting the streets with us, starting a team of your own, or by becoming a supporting member.