Team Enterprise, GA, recently handed out Rosaries and tracts to hundreds of people celebrating the Christmas season. Evangelists David, Paul, and Teri shared the Good News about Jesus Christ and how, through Mary’s intercession for us, we can better come to know her Son, Our Lord and Savior.

For example, Teri spoke with a young woman from a local nondenominational megachurch. The woman told Teri that her church teaches that every “one” matters to God. Teri immediately agreed and then told her the Catholic Church has been teaching that same astonishing fact since the time when Jesus Christ walked the earth and founded His Church.

In fact, each of us matters so much to God that He sent His only Son that we might have eternal life (cf. John 3:16). But the Good News doesn’t end there. As the Hebrew people longed for the coming of the Messiah, so we long for His promised Second Coming. We long to welcome Jesus Christ, the mighty Lord. Recall how He gave the Ten Commandments to Moses on Mt Sinai, amid smoke and thunder and trumpet blasts (Exo 19:16–20:20)?

But God didn’t give the moral Law in order to constrain us, but rather to FREE US to become the fullfilled human beings that He designed each of us to be. God allowed a hint of His power to show on Mt Sinai. And so we remember that He is not just some “Santa Claus in the Sky” or some magical genie waiting to make us feel good. No, but He does come with the power to ACTUALLY FREE US from the SLAVERY TO SIN—with arms outstretched.

The Catholic Church encourages us to embrace the “both/and” Truths that He has revealed about Himself. He came in thunder and lightning to give us the Law. He came in the flesh as a helpless baby at Bethlehem. He stretched out His arms on the Cross to save us, yet allows us to choose to ACCEPT OR REJECT the salvation He alone can offer. He comes humbly in His Church under the appearance of Bread and Wine (cf. John 6). And He will come again, in glory, to judge the living and the dead.

Thank you, Team Enterprise! Please, help this apostolate grow!