Here is a heartwarming story from the Oxnard, CA, team. Christopher sends us this report:

“These three beautiful souls were all homeless men struggling with their current life situation. The young man with the white beard asked me (after I identified myself as belonging to a Catholic evangelizing group) where is the justice/fairness in his life? I told him the story of Lazarus (Luke 16:19-25). After telling him this story he was rather quiet, I offered him a rosary and miraculous medal which he gladly accepted. All three men were very grateful to see that there were groups of people (referring to St. Paul Street Evangelization) that actually cared about people and there was still goodness in the world. The absolute gentleness and humility of these men truly touched my heart.

I talked with several other people while at the park and I can truly say with certainty that I was given much more than I attempted to give. I never knew that by giving so little that I would receive so much in return. As St. Laurence states, the poor are the treasures of the church. Yes indeed St. Laurence, yes indeed!

I implore all of you who will read this post, please know that our world is thirsting for our God. We are his arms, legs and most importantly his voice. I beg you to become involved in this awesome ministry. I promise you that if you take the first step, God will take care of the rest.”

What do you say, then? Will you join us?