Many people come to know Jesus Christ for the first time among Protestant or Evangelical groups, and then enter into the unity of Christ’s Catholic Church later on. This story is shaping up to be one of these:

The SPSE team from Tempe, AZ, set up downtown during the lunch hour. Many people encountered them and the team had some significant conversations about the Faith. One in particular they found was especially memorable.

The team noticed a woman looking at the Rosaries. They asked, “Would you like a Rosary?”

Her name was Cheryl. She accepted one, but didn’t know exactly what it was. So they explained the Rosary and gave her a tract on how to pray it. (The Rosary consists of a series of prayerful meditations on Jesus Christ.) Then the team asked Cheryl, “Have you ever thought about becoming Catholic?”

She explained that she belonged to a non-Catholic Christian denomination.

The evangelists answered that Jesus founded only one Church and explained how this is both Scriptural and historical. They then explained the Sacraments of confession (Reconciliation) and communion (the Eucharist). All of these explanations made a lot of sense to Cheryl.

Then she asked, “How does one become Catholic?”

With big smiles, the team explained that one must believe in Jesus, repent of sins and be baptized, and then our life with Christ begins. They then gave her their contact information so she could learn more and get involved at the local parish.

The Tempe team asks us, “Please pray for Cheryl that the Holy Spirit will guide her to follow through on the journey she began today into the Catholic Church!”

You, too, can be a part of this work. Join us?