During their recent outing, the Enterprise, AL, team received a repeat visitor. Veteran evangelist Mikey Torres recalls that on the woman’s first visit, she had asked why Catholics confess to a priest. Satisfied with the team’s Biblical explanation for the practice, she had then accepted a Rosary. Today, she returned.

She seemed happy to see the evangelization team again and told them that she still had the Rosary from their last meeting. But she had more questions about the Catholic Faith.

“Why do you worship Mary?” was her first concern.

The team quickly cleared up the misunderstanding. They explained to her that we honor Mary because she said “yes” to God and that, if it wasn’t for her yes, we would still be waiting for our Savior. They also helped the woman to understand the difference between honor and actual worship. We worship only God and God alone.

She agreed on that and then moved on to why we pray to Mary.

We asked her, “Can you pray for us?”

“Yes,” she said.

“So, why can’t the Mother of God, who is in Heaven with her Son, help us here on earth to intercede as you would for us now?”

She replied that that made a lot of sense. She asked us to pray for her and we asked the same from her.

Then she asked the evangelists whether Nick was a pastor and if Mikey was going through seminary. She seemed surprised to learn that the team members were just lay people spreading God’s truth.

Thank you, Team Enterprise, for your continuing spiritual work of mercy! Please, send up a prayer for the team and for this woman?

Have you also been praying to discern how God is asking YOU to help in this work—spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ and the Church that He founded? Is He calling you also to be an evangelist? Training is available. Is He calling you to sponsor a team in your hometown? We need that, too. You, too, can be part of this exciting work. Ask Our Blessed Lord, “How?”