Often, behind giant lies are hidden a giant desire to justify one’s sins.

This man, who was nearly 7 feet tall, refused to take a Rosary because he said the Catholic Church was a greedy organization that didn’t help anyone. Our evangelist Steve told him that nothing could be further from the truth, especially since the Catholic Church was the largest charitable organization in the world. The man was shocked!

This led to a conversation about faith. This man was living a very worldly life and didn’t see the need to change. Steve shared his own conversion story about how he used to live that very lifestyle. Steve explained that worldly pleasures will only satisfy you temporarily and that such sin will often lead to ruin. This man tried to argue that it was impossible to live an upright and chaste life, but Steve gave many examples of people he knew who did just that and how their Catholic faith was truly satisfying their deepest desires.

Let us all say a Hail Mary for this man and for his conversion right now. Type, ‘AMEN’ if you said the prayer. Then get involved!