SPSE’s Team Enterprise, AL, has remained active throughout the winter. The following is from a recent outing.

In the photo, evangelist Pete Bartosch chooses a pamphlet for a young man from a non-Catholic Christian church. Although baptized and raised Catholic, he had fallen away. Then, once he married, he simply followed his in-laws to whatever church they attended, and that’s how he landed where he was.

However, he also admitted he was simply going through the motions and that he never received a solid foundation at any of the churches. So, the team took the opportunity to speak with him about the importance of the Sacraments and of the Catholic Church. He then accepted a Rosary and a copy of the SPSE pamphlet, “Reasons to Return to the Catholic Church”.

A Sacrament is a sign pointing to a reality beyond itself. Its purpose is not only to teach holiness, but also to actually give the necessary grace. Since grace is the undeserved gift of God, a Sacrament is the work of God Himself — God’s sharing His very divine life with us. “As fire transforms into itself everything it touches, so the Holy Spirit transforms into the divine life whatever is subjected to his power” (CCC 1127).

“The Church is … the place ‘where the Spirit flourishes’. … ‘The Church’ is the People that God gathers in the whole world. She exists in local communities and is made real as a liturgical, above all a Eucharistic, assembly. She draws her life from the word and the Body of Christ and so herself becomes Christ’s Body” (CCC 749, 752).

Please, pray for this man and everyone Team Enterprise encounters. And, did you notice there was no arguing or ugly confrontation? A friendly conversation was all it took for the man to take a second look at the Catholic Church. Anyone with a loving heart can do this.

So, if you’re not already a member, please prayerfully consider becoming one? Besides the “Reasons to Return” pamphlet, we have many other resources — as well as training — to help get you started. You, too, can experience the joy of “seeing the lights come on” as you help people discover the Catholic Faith.