Where people are hungry for the Good News about Jesus Christ, SPSE wants to be. We recently received a report from a team INSIDE a state correctional facility (prison).

Inmate evangelist “Karl” has our pamphlets addressing common questions, misunderstandings, and objections to Catholicism. He also understands SPSE’s non-confrontational model of evangelization, learning to remain passive in the face of provocation until an actual question is asked, which he is glad to answer.

Recently a fellow prisoner, a non-Catholic Christian, began challenging Catholics. One “was verbally accosted by this fella, telling him to take down his picture of Jesus crucified, claiming such amounted to idolatry.” The victim defended himself the best he could and then a friend sent him to Karl. Together, they spent the evening pouring over Scripture and SPSE tri-folds.

Then another Catholic went to Karl after being accused of “worshiping Mary”. He also learned how to answer. Other incidents followed. What effect has active persecution had on nominal and lukewarm Catholics there?

Karl reports it “has awakened others who have been cold or absent in their faith. We now have a round table which meets a couple/three times a week and I encourage them to come with their best questions and we’ll tackle such together. It’s a table of five! The questions are answered with love.”

He adds, “After the round table we pray the Divine Office and the Rosary. Not all are on board with the Rosary, but they are getting closer. When they realize that the ‘Hail Mary’ is Scriptural, their expressions are priceless. SPSE has been a tremendous assistance in this little movement. Thank you for the tools and encouragement. God is great!”

And thank you, Karl, for your steadfast witness! Please pray for all involved. Our evangelists are confident because the Catholic Faith IS rock solid (see 1 Tim 2:3–4, 3:15, Mt 16:18) and because SPSE has tools and training to help you even “under fire”. SPSE membership gives you access to these resources and joining is easy. If you haven’t jumped in yet, please pray about doing so today.