SPSE’s very active team in Gaithersburg, MD, continues to share Gospel love. Their spiritual advisor, Fr. Chris, joined their most recent outing and the team shared his reflection on the experience with us.

The previous summer, as Fr. Chris began his priestly assignment in Washington DC, he started feeling called to do two things in his free time: “first, to evangelize strangers; second, to offer some concrete service to the poor and needy”. He asked God how to respond to those calls. He believes SPSE is part of His answer. Fr. Chris says, “Since I’ve been in the city, I’ve tried to engage people on my own on the Metro, the bus, and on the street. But it sure helps me to do that kind of activity as part of a group, with people who are friends, who love Jesus, and who pray and socialize with you before, during, and after the work of evangelization.”

Fr. Chris continues, “This week, I found out that God is also answering my prayer about serving the poor in the context of evangelization.” His most significant contact during the outing was with “Agnes”, who struggles with poverty and a need for stable shelter. The team was able to give her information on shelters and a food program at a local church. “By networking with some generous people, we are making sure that she has somewhere to stay during these frigid nights, and we’re working with her to help her into a more stable situation for the future.”

Fr. Chris concludes, “Agnes TRUSTS that God is with her to deliver her. As she witnessed to her own trust in Him, I was reminded that trust is the very thing that God has been inviting me to grow in lately. Hmm…thank you, God.”

And thank you, Gaithersburg team, for your continuing witness to the love of Jesus Christ! Please, keep the team and those they encounter in your prayers? Evangelization really is easier — and more fun — with a faith-filled and like-minded group. Do you have a team in your hometown yet? SPSE can help you get started and show you how to build a team. If you’re not already an SPSE member, please prayerfully consider joining us today.