SPSE’s Tempe, AZ, team reported on their recent outing on Mill Ave. The weather was perfect but it was a slow day.

Their first conversation was with a young college woman who told the evangelists that she was raised Catholic. But then she had left the Church to attend non-Catholic Christian services and now she does not worship anywhere. She said that she just fell awayfrom faith in God and has no interest in returning. She did accept a Rosary and the tract, “How to Pray the Rosary”. Please pray for her.

The Tempe team heard the words “no thanks” a lot that day! The encounters reminded them of what Bl. Teresa of Calcutta said: “We are called to be faithful, not successful.”

Then, as the team was packing to leave, three young women approached. All three were wearing the same uniform from a local restaurant. The evangelists asked them if they would like free Rosaries. One of the women accepted a Rosary and they asked if she is Catholic. When she said yes, her friend said to her, “I am Catholic, too, and I didn’t know you’re Catholic!” To this, the first woman replied, “I didn’t know that you’re Catholic!”

During all of this, the third woman had continued down the street. When she noticed her friends had stopped to talk with the team, she returned. When she saw that they had accepted Rosaries, she told the evangelists that she is Catholic. To this, her two friends replied, “We didn’t know you’re Catholic!”

Two of the three woman attend Mass regularly, but separately. They began to talk about going together (and, we pray, they can get their friend to go also).

Do your friends and co-workers know that you’re Catholic? If not, why not? Faith is a gift to be shared! And, in case you’re not sure how to get started, SPSE can help you. Our members have access to training, pamphlets like the one on “How to Pray the Rosary”, and many more resources. Please pray about joining us and sharing the Faith!