A new man evangelized with SPSE’s very active Team Enterprise, AL, and then decided to do it regularly! Team Enterprise’s report introduces Manny Andino — a 4th degree Knights of Columbus and former Council Grand Knight — as super helpful, familiar with Catholic doctrine and practice, and an active member of the local Hispanic community. Because of his community connection, he recognized many people who used to attend Mass but no longer did. His fluency in Spanish also helped tremendously in sharing the Faith with people who understood little English.

For example, evangelist Manny spoke with a Catholic family who only attends Mass when convenient. Manny explained to them the importance of the Mass and the Eucharist, as well as the power of the Rosary. The family was grateful and assured Manny they plan to begin attending Mass regularly. He then impressed on them also how important it is to live the Faith outside of Mass as well.

In another encounter, evangelists Manny and Nick spoke with two young women. One had heard of the Rosary since her mother was Catholic. Because of her parents’ faith differences, the family had been “church hopping”. The evangelists explained the Rosary, how it encourages us to meditate on Jesus, and how the “Hail Mary” comes from Luke 1:28, 42. The young woman then said she’d like to go back to the Catholic Church, because church hopping was “getting old.”

Great job, Manny! Please pray for these people. So many are hungry for the Faith — but many have walked away, not understanding the power or the grace that God makes uniquely available through the ministry of His Church. But you get it, right? And faith is contagious. Often, all it takes to start taking the Catholic Church seriously is a friendly encounter with someone who knows her and loves her. Is that you? Then you can do this! Not only do SPSE teams do important work, but being part of a team also makes it easy and fun. Plus, SPSE has training programs and resources that help our members become quickly effective. Have you become a member yet? If not, please pray about it today.