The Lansing, MI Team went out to evangelize on St. Patrick’s day with St. Patrick holy cards. Many people gladly accepted the holy cards and we were able to explain the true story of St. Patrick. We met a young man from Ethiopia who belongs to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. We expressed our esteem for his church, distinguished by it’s ancient roots and its fidelity to Christ in a hostile part of the globe.

We also met a man named Mustafi from Somalia, a county that neighbors Ethiopia. He knew nothing of St Patrick, describing himself as a Muslim. Our evangelist Tom spoke to him a bit about the reliability of the Scriptures and Jesus’ claim to divinity. He stated that the divinity of Christ and his divine sonship is the dividing line between Islam and Christianity. He accepted the Divinity of Christ pamphlet, and was quite courteous.

Great job, team! Keep up the good work. SPSE evangelists rejoice in the great privilege of being part of the Lord’s work. We are all called to evangelize and SPSE can help you be effective. Are you a member? If not, please pray about joining us today.