SPSE’s Toledo, OH, team set up on St. Patrick’s Day near the popular destination, “The Blarney”. Offering green Rosaries, they engaged dozens of passersby in friendly conversations about the Catholic Faith.

St. Patrick, one of the world’s most popular saints, was the bishop of Ireland during the 5th century. Although legends abound, something we can be certain of is that St. Patrick served as God’s willing instrument for winning most of Ireland for Christ. The following prayer, attributed to him, illustrates the central place of Jesus Christ in St. Patrick’s life: “Christ with me. Christ before me. Christ behind me. Christ in me. Christ beneath me. Christ above me. Christ on my right, Christ on my left. Christ when I lie down, Christ when I arise. Christ in the heart of every person who thinks of me. Christ in the eye that sees me, Christ in the ear that hears me.”

The Toledo team reported that many of their visitors had questions for them — from the very basic to the deeply theological. They asked the evangelists about both the Catholic Faith and about Jesus Christ. Several, they said, were inactive Catholics. Others were non-Catholic Christians. And yet others were non-Christians.

The team’s report concluded, “It was a joyous, humbling, hopeful event. The Holy Spirit was definitely with all of us! Can’t wait to get out there again! Thanks for your support!!” And thank you, Team Toledo, for your joyful witness! Being part on an SPSE team makes Catholic evangelization a lot of fun. Are you a member yet? If not, please pray about becoming one today!