SPSE’s Forest Hills, NY, team — active for nearly a year now — gives away up to 100 pamphlets an hour. In nice weather, they set up in front of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Church. Otherwise, they take the SPSE materials underground to the Roosevelt Avenue subway stop (on the E/F line).

During a recent outing, team members spoke with a very pro-Catholic, non-Catholic Christian woman who wanted to enter the church building to pray. The evangelists also spoke with a young Jewish mother “who could not have been more cordial”. During that same session, they also welcomed an apartment-hunting Indian family to their neighborhood and church.

One young woman wanted “to know all about the Catholic Church”. The evangelists ran through the basics (how Catholicism differs from other forms of Christianity), gave her additional tracts, took her on a tour of the church building, and gave her their contact information. Another woman talked at length about the Faith and how she is praying for her husband’s conversion. Again, the team exchanged ideas with her and gave her additional tracts.

During another session, a Spanish-speaking woman thanked the team for what they were doing (in Spanish) while another gave them the high sign as she passed by, saying the Rosary. They helped steer a young man into RCIA, talked at length to a woman (who was glad to see them in action), and handed out nearly 40 tracts entitled, “Are the New Testament Gospels Reliable?” Since it was a cold, windy day, the evangelists afterwards stopped in at a local diner for hot tea and French fries.

Thank you, Forest Hills team! Evangelizing with an SPSE team in your community makes it fun and easy to reach people and help them discover/rediscover Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church. Like the Forest Hills evangelists have learned, SPSE training and other materials help you keep everything friendly and cordial, while providing solid answers and solid truth for the people you encounter. Have you joined SPSE yet? If not, please pray about becoming a member soon.