SPSE’s National Director, Steve Dawson, joined evangelist Julian for Catholic street evangelization in downtown Detroit last weekend. Despite the cold, on several occasions during the outing, the evangelists felt the Holy Spirit was using them to bear fruit for the Kingdom of God.

In the photo, Julian speaks with a woman who attended a Catholic church for several years, but never officially became Catholic. Both Steve and Julian were able to encourage her to join RCIA and join us at the altar of the Lord. The woman hugged Julian and left, feeling excited and saying she was blessed to have met the team.

Then Steve spoke at length with 3 men in their 20s who had many piercings and tattoos. Not knowing what to expect, the team offered them free Rosaries. They gladly accepted and Steve asked if they were Catholic. All three claimed that they were Christians but, when Steve asked if they were walking the Christian walk and living right with God, they acknowledged that they were not. Steve then proceeded to proclaim the Kerygma to them, at first focusing on sin and the consequence of sin, which is eternal death in Hell. The young men paid attention and became serious, so it was clear that the Holy Spirit was working on them. Then Steve asked the million dollar question, “What do you think would happen if you died right now? Would you go to heaven?”

Very seriously, each one responded that they felt that they would be damned to Hell. When proclaiming the Kerygma, once a person acknowledges the sin in their lives and the consequences of that sin, it is important to move quickly to the Good News, which is salvation in Jesus. At this point, Steve joyfully explained that the young men didn’t need to go to Hell, that Jesus died for their sins, and so they just needed to repent of them and turn to the Lord and follow Him as his disciples.

The men said that they would definitely seriously consider becoming true disciples of Jesus. Steve gave them the “Consecration to Jesus” holy card, which will start them on that path.

“The harvest is ready”, indeed, but we need more workers. Join us?