Our Detroit Festival Evangelization Team was out at the Sweetest Heart of Mary Festival. Sometimes people ask us why we would be evangelizing at a Catholic event. Well, the fact is that many of the people who come to these festivals are Catholics who have stopped practicing the Faith or never had the faith to begin with.

For example, one gentleman who walked by our table refused a free Rosary and kept on walking. A few steps later he stopped and slowly turned around and walked up to us and told us that he changed his mind. We asked him if he was Catholic and he said he was. We then asked him where he went to church. He informed us that he had stopped going to church many years ago.

We asked him a simple question, “What is stopping you from coming back home to the Church?”

He responded that he was thinking about coming back. At this point one of our evangelists gave him his personal testimony telling him how he was away from the church for many years but he found true joy and peace upon returning. The man seemed genuinely interested and took several pamphlets and CD’s that we were offering and told us that he just may start coming back. We said great, and as he walked away, we slipped him a pamphlet on confession and told him that we would see him next week at Mass.

Pray for this man on his journey back home to the Catholic Faith… Oh yeah – we also ran into Paws the Tiger!