The San Francisco team evangelizes regularly at Civic Center Plaza. Recently, SPSE evangelists Robert and Stephen struck up a friendly conversation with “Sonya”. She had accepted some religious medals and a Rosary.

“Have you ever considered becoming Catholic?” Robert asked.

Sonya replied that she was in search of a religion and was planning to research them all.

Robert told her that the founder of an ancient non-Christian Eastern religion said, “I am not the way. Do not follow me. I have found the way. Follow the way.” He then said how the founder of another major non-Christian religion stated that he also was not God, but a prophet. Then Robert told her that Jesus, and only Jesus, said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life”, and “Follow me.”

Sonya understood that Robert had just saved her a lot of time. She asked, “What do I do next?”

He said to go to any Catholic Church and talk to a priest or deacon about becoming Catholic. He then asked to take her picture, and she wanted her boyfriend included. It turns out that “Joel” had been talking with Ted, a third SPSE evangelist. Joel also wanted to become Catholic and Ted had given him a card with “RCIA” on it. The couple posed with a Divine Mercy image.

Afterwards, Sonya couldn’t take her eyes off the image of Jesus. She said she felt drawn to it, and asked what the red and white rays were. The evangelists recounted the image’s history, and Sonya wrote it all down. She wanted to know more and more. They talked at length about St. Faustina, Divine Mercy Sunday, and the forgiveness of sins.

The team reports, “When they finally left, we all were certain that they were going to pursue RCIA.” Thank you, San Francisco team! Many people, such as Sonya and Joel, haven’t found the truth yet but seek it. SPSE teams bring the Catholic Faith out to the streets, making it visible in a new way, and offer a friendly place for answers and for hope to get rekindled. Our member resources make it easy for you to begin; the joy will keep you at it. Are you a member yet? If not, please prayerfully consider joining SPSE today!