SPSE’s Phoenix–East Valley team welcomed 5 new evangelists on a Good Friday outing to Gilbert, AZ. Arriving early at the family-friendly dessert fest, the team chose good locations for meeting people. Several first-time evangelists reported in about their experience.

It changed Steve Peterson’s attitude. He’d felt reluctant to hand Rosaries to children, who saw them as playthings. But, he thought, seeing it might prompt parents to think about their own faith again. Or, it might spark Faith discussions among family or neighbors. The Rosaries, Steve realized, could lead — by the Holy Spirit — to great things, even if the team never knew. Then he and fellow evangelists overheard a child ask her mother what the Rosary was. The mom replied, “It’s to remind you of Jesus and that He loves you!”

Victoria Kaehler reported it easy enough to ask, “Would you like a Rosary?” Even when people said no, she said, “no one was rude or confrontational.” During the outing, “one little boy in particular was so happy to receive the picture of Jesus’ ‘Divine Mercy’. He was a Christian and knew Jesus!” Victoria and fellow evangelist Anne Marie Adams met many inactive Catholics that evening and hope they helped replant the seed of faith.

Carolyn Peterson talked with a woman who “used to be Catholic” but quit going to any church. Carolyn helped her begin to see the value of community and how everyone’s “doing their own thing” is not turning out well for society. The woman accepted a Rosary, its pamphlet, and SPSE’s Reasons to Return to the Catholic Church. She thanked Carolyn, promising to read the materials.

Welcome aboard, new evangelists! Thank you, Phoenix–East Valley team! SPSE teams offer free Rosaries and Faith information in a friendly, non-confrontational way. Our teams throughout the world report how the Holy Spirit uses our approach to draw people to/back to the Church — even during evangelists’ first time out! SPSE membership gives you access to our training, materials, and fellowship with your fellow evangelists. Have you joined yet? If not, please pray about doing so!