People in England are famous for their willingness to be out in any weather. And SPSE’s team members in Kingston Upon Hull, UK, are no exception. They have continued to evangelize regularly, including on Holy Saturday. Team leader Frances Redmore had reminded team members that Holy Saturday is “the most important Saturday of the whole year to witness to the Christian faith.”

The team usually begins an outing by attending noon Mass together at the local parish, and then walking as a group to their favorite evangelization spot at Monument Bridge. At the same time, their prayer support team gathers at a separate location and asks God to guide the evangelists’ work and to bless the people they meet.

Once the evangelists reach the bridge, they begin. Frances says, “We stand and smile at people. If they seem interested, we offer them a Rosary and tell them about our Lord Jesus Christ and what he has done for each one of us.” Team members, she reports, find it “always interesting as we meet different people each time, and listening to their stories is fascinating.” She adds, “We speak to people of all ages.”

The team gives away free Rosaries, Miraculous Medals, and the Divine Mercy image to anyone who would like them. Especially devoted to the Divine Mercy of Jesus, the team has been especially promoting the celebrations of Divine Mercy Sunday on 12 April.

After an hour of joyful evangelizing, the evangelists head to Heaven Café for coffee and fellowship. Thank you, Team Kingston Upon Hull, for your continuing witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Being part of an SPSE team helps you quickly get past the “scary” and into the “fun and fellowship” of evangelization. SPSE has training programs to get you ready, Divine Mercy and other prayer cards to hand out, as well as signs and pamphlets and Rosaries — all the materials you need to help you effectively reach people who don’t know Jesus Christ and/or His Church. Are you a member yet? If not, please prayerfully consider joining us today!