Three members of SPSE’s Atlanta, GA, team took advantage of a beautiful Spring day to travel to downtown Decatur to evangelize. They set up across from the transit station.

There, they invited the many people passing by to take a Rosary or a medal. Some who stopped were already Catholic, either practicing or inactive. The team invited those who were not attending Mass regularly to come back and made sure they knew where the local parish is.

One non-Catholic young woman who talked with the evangelists was “Stephanie”. She didn’t belong to any church, although she regularly reads Scripture and prays. She struck the team as a spiritual person, but also as “a seeker without a direction”. So the evangelists talked with her about the foundation and the structure of the Catholic Church and the Faith, and how Jesus Christ instituted it Himself to help direct us to the heavenly Father.

Stephanie then told the team that she often feels targeted at her workplace precisely because of her belief in God and her willingness to search for Him. At that, the team members joined hands and prayed with her that she be strong and sure in her faith against those who mock her. She accepted a St. Michael prayer card, a St. Benedict medal, and a Rosary and its pamphlet on how to pray it. Please keep Stephanie in your prayers.

Other people who stopped by knew the area well and suggested other places in town to set up. The team was grateful for the suggestions because they want to take the Word of God where it is needed. They look forward to returning to Decatur, GA, soon.

Where, in your area, does the Good News about Jesus Christ and the Church that He founded most need to be taken? How many people near you are like Stephanie, seeking but without the direction that God wants to provide? SPSE makes it easy to your the Catholic Faith to the streets. Being part of a team makes it fun.

Our members have access to training and all the resources needed to get started. Are you an SPSE member yet? If not, please prayerfully consider becoming one today. People like Stephanie need the Catholic Church!