Steve Dawson, National Director of St. Paul Street Evangelization, headed to Texas this week to evangelize with teams in Austin and Dallas. In the picture, you see our newest team leader, Bernice, of our newest chapter, SPSE Austin. She is talking with the man about the Catholic Church, about Jesus Christ, and about the relationship he can have with Jesus.

The Austin team spent at least four hours evangelizing that day. One especially memorable conversation that Steve and the new evangelists had was with a young man who had been raised Catholic but then left the Faith. Team members talked with him for at least a half an hour. In just that short amount of time, the evangelists were able to begin to open his eyes to the many truths of the Catholic Church. Steve and the team were also able to clear up some of the many misconceptions the young man had picked up about the Catholic Faith, including praying to the Saints, the office of the papacy, and the infallibility of the pope.

The team believes that β€” given prayer β€” the young man may be willing to come back to the Catholic Church. Thanks be to God! And thank you, Team Austin. Welcome aboard! Please send up a prayer for these two men, and for everyone who encounters our teams. Usually what is keeping people from the Church is just a thin tissue of lies. People welcome hearing the truth β€” especially when it is presented in a friendly, caring manner. That’s what SPSE evangelists do.

If you have love in your heart for the lost, you can evangelize. SPSE training will quickly bring you up to speed about the most common misconceptions that you will run into and how to answer them. SPSE pamphlets offer a more in-depth treatment of individual issues so the people you give them to can take them home for further study and prayer. These resources and more are available to all of our members. Have you joined SPSE yet? If not, please pray about doing so today!