On Divine Mercy weekend, SPSE teams from the St. Louis, MO, metro-east area combined forces in a lively session. Bright blue skies and sunshine guaranteed nonstop traffic. Evangelists estimate that 1500 cars saw their “Catholic Truth” sign and cheerful greetings.

The first people to stop and talk with team members were a man and his wife. The couple were curious about the sign and the colorful Rosaries being given away. Each selected a Rosary, and received pamphlets on how to pray it and “Why Be Catholic?” Encouraged, they shared their story.

They had just come from a local hospital, where her father had died the day before. Not only were they upset by his death, but also because they hadn’t been told he was ill until after he died. Harsh words had been exchanged, and the couple was hurt and angry. The woman asked the evangelists to pray for her dad, and they prayed with her right then. They prayed not only for the happy repose of her father’s soul, but also that the couple be granted strength to bear the grief, grace to forgive the cruel words, and hope in the resurrection.

The conversation turned to other things, including the man’s love for country music. His favorite song is “Holes in the Floor of Heaven”. The evangelists related that to the Communion of Saints, explaining to the couple, in biblical terms, that the saints are the “great cloud of witnesses” looking through those holes and praying for us. Turning then to other church music, the man sang for them. The team invited the couple to consider the fullness of the Catholic Faith, and especially the True Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, Who heals all wounds — physical and spiritual.

Please pray for these two, and the repose of the soul of their father. The teams also talked with many other people, offering each a glimpse of how the Catholic Church leads one closer to Jesus. In fact, SPSE evangelists throughout the world do this. Are you a member yet? SPSE membership gives you access to all our evangelization materials, such as the “Why Be Catholic?” tract. If you haven’t already joined, please pray about doing so.