Last week our program director, Adam Janke, gave a series of talks on street evangelization at Franciscan University of Steubenville. The university is no stranger to street evangelization efforts and recognizes the added value our tools, materials, and training can bring to their students. The outreach office is partnering with SPSE to offer our basic training on campus this fall.

Below are some pictures of the two dozen students who joined Adam and Dr. John Bergsma for two hours of evangelization before the Pirates baseball game at PNC park in Pittsburgh. Even though this was the first time many of the students had done street evangelization they did an amazing job allowing the Holy Spirit to work through them.

Every team came back with stories of sharing the Gospel and offering to pray with others. In one picture, employees of Chick-fil-A were giving away free chicken sandwiches. Our evangelist gave the employee a rosary and explained that it was a meditation on the life of Jesus Christ which he gratefully accepted. Below Dr. Bergsma can be seen praying with a woman whose sister was just diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Among the dozens of stories they shared on the way back to school, they also prayed for a man who was convinced he was possessed, and shared the Gospel with two Jehovah Witnesses.

Great job team!

Now we need your help:

(1) Please keep all of these young evangelists in your prayers as they take their final exams next week. We are so proud of them for taking time out from studying to join us on the street.

(2) Become a supporting member today so we can continue to equip them with the tools and sacramentals they need to share the faith. College students often have a very limited income, but we are not going to let that stand in the way from allowing these on fire students from sharing the Gospel. Your monthly support allows us to get resources and training into their hands at no cost to them.