SPSE’S Royal Oak, MI, team was out dodging raindrops recently in order to bring the fullness of the Truth about Jesus Christ and the Church that He founded to the streets. Even in the short time before they got rained out, the evangelists were able to have at least a dozen Holy Spirit-filled conversations with people.

In the picture, you see Sr. Melanie and SPSE National Director Steve Dawson in one of the conversations. When they encounter someone who’s Catholic and goes to Mass every week, Steve will sometimes ask, “When was the last time you’ve been to Confession?” In one such conversation, a man responded that it had been 24 years ago.

So Sr. Melanie and Steve Dawson took the time to explain to him the great importance of the Sacrament of Reconciliation and why Our Lord set it up for the forgiveness of sins. They spoke about the healing effect that Confession has on the soul — as well as the grace it gives a person to stay out of sin. They encouraged the man to begin to take frequent advantage of the Sacrament. They reported that he seemed interested and willing to receive it. They believe that, with prayer, “he will show up at the gates of Confession”.

Thank you, Sr. Melanie, Steve Dawson, and the entire Royal Oak team! Not understanding the fullness of the treasury of grace that the Catholic Church offers is one reason that Catholics can grow lukewarm or even fall away. SPSE evangelists, by simply making the Faith visible in public and engaging in friendly conversation, draw people closer to Jesus Christ — Who instituted each of the seven Sacraments as means of receiving the graces necessary to live out the Christian life. Have you become a member of SPSE yet? If not, please prayerfully consider doing so. Even Catholics need to encourage each other.