When SPSE National Director, Steve Dawson, was evangelizing recently with our Fort Myers team, he talked with the man pictured, who was dressed up as Jesus Crucified, complete with makeup and “crown of thorns”. The man was a non-Catholic Christian who would walk the streets of Fort Myers, FL, calling people to conversion.

Steve Dawson talked with him for ten minutes or so that day. He explained to the man not only that Catholics are Christian, but also that the Catholic Church is the one, original Church founded by Jesus Christ — and why that is important. The man is a regular visitor of the Fort Myers SPSE team and has already had several extended conversations with our evangelists.

Please keep him in your prayers. Although different groups of our “separated brethren from the Reformation” have retained pieces of the truth of Christianity, as revealed by Jesus Christ, the fullness of the entire “deposit of Faith”, preserved from error by the Holy Spirit, subsists only in the Church that is in full union with the Bishop of Rome — that is, in the Catholic Church.

Thank you, Fort Myers team! Throughout the world, SPSE evangelists are taking the Catholic Faith to the streets and making it visible. Through friendly conversations, we often have the opportunity to clear up long-standing misconceptions about the Catholic Church and invite people to come discover the depths of the riches of grace and wisdom awaiting them here. Are you a member of SPSE yet? All of our training and support materials become available to you with membership. If you haven’t already joined us, please pray about doing so today. Even devout Christians of the various denominations need what can only be found in the Catholic Church!