SPSE evangelists face the constant challenge of building people’s trust — in God, in Christians, in the Catholic Church. One way we do that is by simply showing up regularly at a particular place and being consistently friendly.

Our San Francisco team has been evangelizing at Civic Center Plaza on Mondays now for a year and a half. Recently, after evangelist Ted Kirk led the team in prayer but before they set up, a woman approached and asked for a Rosary. The evangelists were amazed, but then they realized that people were starting to know them and to feel they could depend on them.

The weather didn’t cooperate, though. It was cold. Their table blew over. They ended holding the Rosaries, with only their sign out. Still, in the hour-long session, the evangelists gave away more than 50 Rosaries — and held many conversations.

One man, “Wayne”, was raised Catholic but had drifted away. The evangelists invited him back to the Sacraments, reminding him of Jesus’ promise in John 6:53. Wayne accepted a blessed Crucifix on a chain and a Miraculous Medal. He seemed interested in returning.

Evangelist Robert Seib taught a man how to pray the Rosary. He explained to him that we pray the Rosary with our fingers, our lips, our hearts, and our mind — mustering all of our senses together. He also taught the man the prayers for each bead. Others stopped to watch and listen.

Although not every encounter was pleasant, the team was glad they had gone out that day. They said, “We are anxious to go out again soon because we touch so many aching hearts.” Thank you, Team San Francisco — for your witness and for your commitment to making the Faith visible in public places. Truly, you make a difference!

How about you? People like Wayne, the blind man, and the woman waiting for a Rosary all need Jesus Christ and his Catholic Church. Are you a member of SPSE yet? Membership gives you access to all of our training and other resources so you and your teammates can become quickly effective in sharing the Good News. If you haven’t officially joined us yet, please pray about doing so today!