We can touch on only a few stories from a recent Phoenix, AZ, session. For that outing, the Phoenix–NW team welcomed several first-time evangelists, as well as SPSE Tempe’s team leader, Sean Kelly.

“Wes” was “searching for truth”. He was planning to attend Mass for the first time that very weekend. So evangelists explained the two parts of the Mass (Liturgy of the Word, Liturgy of the Eucharist). They let him know he would be most welcome, though he wouldn’t be able to partake in the Eucharist until he’s in full communion with the Church. Especially impressed by the fact that Catholics throughout the world all hear the same Bible readings, he asked the team’s help in finding a parish and Mass times. Afterward, Wes provided guitar music for them!

“Rudy” told evangelists he was spiritual and saw no difference between religions. They asked how he could do this when there are many significant points on which various faiths disagree. As an example, they discussed differences between Christian spirituality and an Eastern one. Rudy had never considered that.

A man and woman, asked if they wanted Rosaries, said no and kept walking. The man returned. He is from India, a non-Christian, but searching. He asked the team for a reason to accept Christianity (Catholicism). They pointed out how all cultures search for God but that Christians received Divine Revelation from Jesus, Who became man and taught us things about God that we couldn’t know with our own intellect.

We ask prayers for evangelist Sharon. As the session was ending, she fell and broke her wrist. She especially asks prayers that those she takes care of won’t develop medical problems while she mends.

Thank you, Phoenix–NW and Tempe teams! And thank you, everybody, for your prayers — for Wes, Rudy, and all those who encounter us, as well as for Sharon and all our evangelists. Have you joined us yet? SPSE membership gives you access to our training and other resources. Our materials make it easy, being part of a team makes it fun, and doing the Lord’s work makes it exciting! If you haven’t, please pray about joining us today!