SPSE teams go where people gather — for instance, the Saturday farmer’s market in Lincoln, NE. Visibly Catholic, with sign and offer of free Rosary, Lincoln’s SPSE evangelists easily engage many in friendly conversations about the Faith. Here are some recent encounters with non-Christians.

Evangelist Wayne Ringer talked with “Manu”, from India. He gave a quick rundown of his beliefs, including some that Christianity specifically rejects. Manu didn’t know much about the Christian faith, so Wayne shared about the Incarnation and the fact that God becoming man is the game-changer in history. He also assured Manu that our belief in the Resurrection doesn’t rely on legend or myth, but that we have both the testimony of the Apostles in Scripture and of their martyrdom in which to trust.

Evangelist Bill Haldaman encountered a graduate student from the local university. “Eric” has Catholic relatives, and so was interested in learning about the Rosary. He also accepted several pamphlets about the Faith, and Bill encouraged him to visit the Newman Center on campus. Eric expressed his gratitude for Bill’s willingness to share his faith.

“Stephen” and “Gabrielle” were a young couple, sporting piercings and earrings. They talked with SPSE evangelist Joe Keaschal, pronouncing the Rosaries “cool” and putting them around their necks. Joe asked if they knew anything about the Rosary and they said, “Not really.” So Joe gave them the pamphlet, “How to Pray the Rosary”. He also told them that if they would like to deepen their faith, the Catholic Church is waiting for them. Then Joe suggested they check out the new Newman Center and the beautiful church.

Thank you, Team Lincoln! Your witness is “a positive step to conquer the secularism that has taken hold of society”. What about you? You spend an hour a week attending Mass, what would happen if you committed another hour a week to reaching people like Manu, Erin, Stephen, and Gabrielle? Being a member of SPSE makes it easy — and being part of a team makes it fun! Are you a member yet? If not, please prayerfully consider joining us!