Being a team member can give you the courage to take the Catholic Faith “to the streets”, as SPSE’s new team in Cohoes, NY, has discovered. Each SPSE evangelist on a team might bring different strengths and abilities to the mission, but God can use whatever we offer Him.

For example, Cohoes evangelist Carol recognizes the central importance of the Eucharist and the Mass, and is committed to continuing to learn about and grow in the Catholic Faith. Evangelist Donna is struck by both the vastness and the continuity of the Catholic Church. She says, “I love that we are all tied together in time and currently, and that the Church is the same now as it was in the beginning. Yet within that sameness, there is lots of room for individual expression and fulfillment.” And evangelist Lorraine has been granted the grace of seeing how much God loves her. She tells us, “I never want to be separated from His Love, and I want to tell others of His boundless love and generous mercy.”

Each of the three has what it takes to be an evangelist: love, and the willingness to share it with others.

During their first outing, the Cohoes evangelists spoke with about 20 people. Someone even approached them to request a tract on Church history. Afterward, the team reported, “We’re all very excited to be out finally.”

Great start, Cohoes, NY! Thank you. SPSE can help you, too, take your love for Jesus Christ, for His Church, and for other people and leverage it into a catalyst for good in your neighborhood. Are you a member yet? If not, please pray about joining us today!