SPSE evangelists come from all walks of life and from every occupation. For some, their desire to answer the call to evangelize is not limited to formal outings with an SPSE team on the street. For example, we recently received a report from one of our evangelists who is also a police officer.

During the course of an investigation, the police officer and partner issued misdemeanor violations to two women. The women were tired and addicted, and our evangelist knew this indicated spiritual sickness as well. The officer dutifully reminded the women of their need to reconsider the importance of getting clean and recommended they seek addiction counseling and rehabilitation. One of the women said she was a mother as well, and admitted to struggling at different times. Our evangelist noticed that she was wearing a silver Cross, and advised her to grab onto it and embrace it close to her whenever she felt urges to use drugs rather than to be the mom that God has called her to be.

The other woman appeared very afflicted. So the evangelist asked her if what was said to the first woman made any sense. She said it did. When asked if she went to any church, she indicated that she used to pray the Rosary as a teen with her mom. Then the officer gave them each a Miraculous Medal on a chain. They accepted and placed them around their necks. As they did so, the evangelist police officer explained how Mary requests people to return to God and to pray.

Thank you to our evangelist for sending in this inspiring report! Stories like this show how easy it is to find an opening to share the Good News about Jesus Christ and the life-changing grace that only He can offer. In our online store, SPSE members find many handy resources such as the Miraculous Medals and chains that the police officer had on-hand and was able to offer to the two women. Are you an active SPSE member yet? If so, thank you! This apostolate literally saves lives. If you haven’t joined us yet, what are you waiting for? Please pray about joining us today!