SPSE has been taking the Catholic Faith “to the streets” since 2012. One of our first teams is the one from Atlanta, GA, who continue to evangelize regularly. They were recently in nearby Decatur, where they encountered “Miss Christine”.

When Miss Christine approached the SPSE table, evangelist David Adair says an internal sense told him there was a particular reason for this encounter. Miss Christine told the team that she had been drawn by the Cross they had on the table, but then she asked for one of the medals hanging there on a necklace chain. She also asked for a prayer card, but declined a Rosary until team members explained its overall meaning to her and how it relates to the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Evangelist David then asked if she practiced a particular faith. She said, “No, I just like reading the Bible.”

“Which books are your favorites?” he asked.

Since she included Galatians in her answer, David then told her of his admiration for St. Paul. He spoke of Paul’s miraculous conversion and his dedication to spreading the Faith in spite of all the obstacles: beatings, being stoned and left for dead, shipwrecks, imprisonment and, eventually, beheading. All of these, he explained to Miss Christine, exemplified St. Paul’s faith in Jesus Christ and led countless others to the Faith as well.

Miss Christine then allowed the team to pray with her. They prayed for the Father’s comfort and peace, and for the guidance that St. Paul had found in his mission despite all of his physical obstacles and pains. The team reported that when they finished that prayer, “Where we were, He was with us.”

Thank you, Team Atlanta, for your faithful witness! Please join us in sending up another prayer for Miss Christine, for the other people our teams encounter, and for each of our evangelists! How about you? Have you become an active member of SPSE yet? If so, thank you! If not, please pray about joining us today.