Our Dallas, TX, area is already famous in SPSE circles for how quickly their organization grew and the number of active teams they have. A recent outing shows several of their evangelists working “for the harvest”.

Here Dallas’ newest evangelist, Randy, talks with a non-Catholic Christian who has “been exposed to the Catholic Church somewhat”. Randy shared his own conversion experience from non-Catholic Christianity, saying he found his home in the Catholic Church the way that Cardinal Newman did: “To be deep in history is to cease to be Protestant.” The woman accepted a “Why Be Catholic” pamphlet, a Rosary, and some good CDs. Randy is planning to start a chapter in another part of Dallas.

Anna is an SPSE evangelist who is also active in the Legion of Mary. She is especially known for her dogged enthusiasm about Jesus and His Blessed Mother.

Evangelist Paul Mathers, founder of the Dallas organization, encountered a Catholic who was originally from Britain. When she admitted to only sporadic Mass attendance, Paul spoke with her about the importance of going to Confession and then receiving the Eucharist weekly, if not more often. She gladly accepted a Rosary and literature, and promised to go to Mass regularly in the future.

Another group the evangelists spoke with during their most recent outing were a man and his daughters. They were non-Catholic Christians, but the team’s sign and table had caught their attention. The evangelists spoke with the family about the Rosary and they accepted some pamphlets. Later, they returned and Paul then spoke about where the Bible came from and about the errors inherent in the “sola fide” and “sola scriptura” theories.

Thank you, Dallas-area evangelists! Please keep them and those they encounter in your prayers! Have you become a member of SPSE and started a team in your area? If so, thank you — and may God bless you and your efforts! SPSE membership gives you access to training and many helpful resources, such as the Rosaries, “Why Be Catholic” pamphlet, and CDs used by the Dallas team. If you haven’t joined us yet, prayerfully consider doing so?