Why does our society now lack the Gospel values? Why is there division in the Body of Christ? Do people still hunger for Truth? Two middle school students, “Jerry” and “Mike”, searched for answers to these questions during the school year. Their search led them to join SPSE’s Rochester, NY, team in taking our Catholic Faith directly to the streets.

The students understood that human beings each have a tremendous dignity, and that the dignity is due to each of us being made in the image and likeness of God. They also understood our profound responsibility, as Catholics, to defend and uphold this dignity in all circumstances. When you think about it, it’s precisely because of this that the mandate of Jesus Christ to preach the Gospel to all nations makes sense, especially in our day. The students learned about SPSE and our non-confrontational approach to street evangelization, as well as our emphasis on allowing the Holy Spirit to move the hearts of those who encounter our public Catholic presence.

So the students joined the SPSE Rochester team at the Rochester Public Market on Saturday mornings, and offered free Rosaries and literature to passersby. In addition to this, they also assembled more than 500 evangelization kits for attendees of their diocesan Catholic Women’s Conference in March and the Catholic Men’s Conference in May. Afterwards, they presented their findings to their school community — grateful to better understand our responsibility to share the Person of Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church.

Thank you, Jerry and Mike. And thank you, Team Rochester! Jesus Christ is still the answer. But many, many people have forgotten that. Plus, more people every year grow up without ever hearing the Good News. Even children can figure out the ramifications of that in our society. That’s why our SPSE evangelists are taking the Faith to the streets! Have you already joined us? If so, thank you — and may God grant much fruit for His Kingdom from your efforts. But if you haven’t become a member of SPSE yet, please prayerfully consider becoming one today.