SPSE’s Wayne State University team is led by Beth Schuele, who also works at WSU’s Newman Center. They recently received thanks from the mom of a student named “Kristin”. Beth met the family during freshman move-in day last summer. Beth was supervising Newman Center volunteers who were helping the new students move in, as well as noting down those who might be interested in the Newman Center.

Unfortunately, relations between this mother and daughter were already strained —due to the daughter’s rejection of the Faith. The mom ran into Beth again a bit later that day and Beth offered her a Miraculous Medal, explaining its meaning and miracles known to happen while wearing it. The mom said, “I was near tears as Beth talked. This was truly a gift from God.” Although she wanted her daughter to take the medal, that didn’t happen. So the mom kept it.

She wore the medal every day after that, though her relationship with her daughter remains strained. She writes, “It was only when I turned to the Lord that I began to see that I would not be able to change our daughter’s heart. That was going to come from God. I definitely feel I encountered Jesus through deepened prayer and wearing this medal, believing in the graces it could bring.”

She also began to pray the Rosary weekly. This brought her closer to Mary and her Son, Jesus. She says, “I have found so much strength because of this. This Miraculous Medal I wanted to give my daughter has instead brought many graces to me.”

She continues, “I pray for our daughter to be open to God’s will for her. Thank you, Beth. The Miraculous Medal has brought so much to me this past year. Thank you for having the Newman Center [there to meet] new students on move-in day. Keep up spreading the message of God’s love for us. I wanted you to know it makes a difference. Please keep our family in your prayers.”

SPSE evangelists are not often granted the privilege of seeing the results of our efforts “on the streets”. When we do, though, it’s very encouraging. Thank you, Beth and the Wayne State SPSE team!