Extreme weather keeps many home. But SPSE evangelists who go out anyway often have significant Faith encounters. Temperatures in Tempe, AZ, now in the triple-digits, recently reached 111 degrees — but SPSE evangelists Caisey, Frank, and Sean still headed downtown to spread the Good News about Jesus Christ and the Church that He founded.

One man who encountered them was a non-Catholic Christian who knew next to nothing about the Catholic Church, but was interested in learning. So the evangelists briefly explained that Jesus founded one Church (the Catholic Church) and that the Bible is a Catholic book, giving him a quick history of it. He accepted various tracts about the Faith.

Another man, a repeat visitor, had strong faith in God but believed the Bible easy to understand, and denied any need for a Church to interpret it properly. So the evangelists offered him a simple sentence to illustrate how its whole meaning can change depending on which word is emphasized. Then they asked him to consider just how many verses are in the Bible and how many Bible translations! They then prayed with him about things going on in his life.

When the team asked another man if he’d like a Rosary, he didn’t know because he wasn’t sure what he believed. He’d gotten out of prison just a few hours earlier and wanted to turn his life around. So they asked if he believed in God and if he believed that Jesus is God. He did. Then they let him know that God is Love and forgiveness is available to all who sincerely ask. They also shared the Kerygma. At that, he accepted a Rosary and a few tracts on the Faith. Then he asked the team to pray for him! Afterward, he said he was seriously considering becoming Catholic and planned to begin attending Mass with his mother the next day!

Thank you, Team Tempe! Each human soul is precious in the eyes of God. God blesses those who reach out to try to make Him known. SPSE tracts and other resources can help your team be effective, and are available to our members. Have you joined us yet? If so, thank you! If not, though, please pray about doing so? No human being needs to be lost!