New teams are often a bit nervous the first time they take their Faith to the streets. But those who follow SPSE’s model of friendly non-confrontation are often pleasantly surprised on how it turns out. SPSE’s new Williamstown, NJ, team tried it.

Four evangelists — Donna, Mike, Deacon Al, and Rick — chose the Monroe Township Music Festival for their first, five-hour outing. They found the wide variety of people there open to their message.

For example, “Steve” and “Melissa” were inactive Catholics. They hadn’t passed the Faith along to their teenage daughter, but had a strong desire for her to receive the Sacraments. So the team told them of the local RCIT program (“Rite of Christian Initiation for Teens”). The family also accepted Rosaries and pamphlets, including “Reasons to Return to the Catholic Church”.

“Mary”, a non-practicing non-Catholic Christian, had recently moved to the area. Evangelist Mike had converted to Catholicism from the same denomination, and so he shared with Mary the reasons he did so. Mary accepted a Rosary, a local parish bulletin, and several pamphlets on the Faith.

“Louise” was active in a different non-Catholic Christian denomination. She had a routine of daily Bible reading and prayer with her family of six children. She was also familiar with the Rosary and prayed it often, wanting her children open to all Christian traditions. She accepted a bulletin, Rosaries, and pamphlets.

The team later found out that, at their local parish, one couple began the process of having their marriage convalidated and a teen had entered the RCIT program. Both directly resulted from talks with SPSE team members at the Music Fest.

Our team said, “Our responsibility is to plant the seed, and let the Holy Spirit reap the harvest. And the harvest was great that day.” Thank you, Williamstown team! These early results alone could possibly impact generations to come! SPSE membership gives you access to training, the Catholic FAQ pamphlets, and to the Rosaries and other supplies. If you’re already a member of SPSE, thank you! But if you haven’t joined us yet, please pray about doing so today.