Another new SPSE chapter recently headed to the streets in Dallas, TX. For their first outing, Uptown Dallas leader, Randy Grasso, was joined by Dallas area captain Paul Mathers, and evangelists Gene Tobola and Cheryl Flores. One of the secrets of success for evangelization in the Dallas area is the sense of camaraderie and support that team members provide for each other. Helping to launch a new team is just an example.

It was “a pretty day”, the team reports, and although “not too many people came by”, team members did hold conversations with some and provided them “food for thought”. For example, evangelist Gene talked with a non-Catholic Christian about where the Bible came from (the Catholic Church). They also spoke about authority in the Church — shown, for example, in Matthew 18:15–18. This then led the discussion into whether “Faith Alone” is all that is necessary for salvation. Overall, it seemed to the team to have been a productive conversation.

Welcome aboard, Uptown Dallas team! Thank you, Dallas-area evangelists! Each soul our team members encounter is precious in the eyes of God. During less busy sessions, our evangelists end up with more time to spend with each person. It’s a matter of being open to doing the will of God. SPSE membership can help provide you with the training and the materials that help your teams be effective. If you’re already an active member of SPSE, thank you! If not, though, please prayerfully consider climbing aboard today.