St. Paul Street Evangelists, Steve Dawson and Peter Lamporte were chatting at a local diner and decided to offer their peppy waitress a Miraculous Medal. The waitress gladly accepted the medal and some holy cards that explained the meaning of the Miraculous Medal and the basic Gospel message (the Kerygma).

The evangelists then proceeded to have this conversation:

Evangelist: “Do you have a Church?”
Waitress: “Yes I go to a non-Denominational Church.”
Evangelist: “Oh great! Can I give you one good reason that you should consider the Catholic Church?”
Waitress: “Sure.”
Evangelist: “Well, the Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ 2000 years ago and it is protected by God from error in it’s official doctrine. All protestant Christian communitites were founded by men many many centuries after the death of Jesus and there is no protection from error within them. That is why so many of these denominations contradict eachother. If you want the fullness of Christ’s revealed truth, and the surest road to salvation, then you need to join the Church that Christ founded.”
Waitress: “Wow, I never considered that. Thanks I will surely think about that.”
Evangelist: “Great! My church is just up the road here. And here is my business card. Stop on by or give me a call any time.”
Waitress: “I’ll do that!”

Awesome! After the conversation was over, two other waitresses came up to the table to get their Miraculous Medals too!

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