Indianapolis, IN. Peter Lamporte teams up with SPSE founder Steve Dawson, taking the faith to the streets of Indianapolis, IN. The two just walked down the street, talking to people. In this picture, we see Peter putting a miraculous medal on a man they spoke to for a half hour about the Catholic Church.

Steve and Peter saw the man sitting down at a table, and asked him whether he was a Christian. It turned out that he was a non-denominational Christian. It’s always good news to hear that a person has accepted faith in Jesus Christ, but they gave him many reasons to consider the fullness of the faith in the Catholic Church. He said that he never had considered becoming Catholic, but that now he would – he would even go to the local Catholic Church to inquire about becoming a member.

Good work Steve and Peter! Thank you Holy Spirit!

Faith in Jesus Christ saves. But what believer in Christ would not want to join the Church Christ founded, when they learn that he indeed founded it? Pray for this man, and all whom our teams encounter.