San Diego, CA. A couple weeks ago the North County Saint Paul Street Evangelization team met in Balboa Park to give out rosaries and pamphlets, and to talk to those passing by. They had a great time. Among the evangelists that day was Trent Horn, of Catholic Answers, and his wife Laura. Their banner read, “Ask A Catholic.”

Street Evangelization puts you in contact with people of various backgrounds, and makes possible conversations that would probably never have occurred otherwise. On this day in Balboa Park, our evangelists spoke to two Muslims about the Holy Trinity, one atheist about the divinity of Christ, another atheist about the evils of pornography, and two struggling Catholics about the truth of the Church’s teachings.

How often are such conversations given an occasion in everyday life? Not very often. How many people would give their life over to Christ, or deepen their relationship with him, if only someone would encourage them or explain to them some puzzle that is in their heart? How can we know, unless we make ourselves available to them? The Lord speaks to their hearts, calling them to Himself. Do we listen to the same voice calling us to love our brothers and sisters, sharing the Gospel with them?

Join us in sharing the truth of Jesus Christ and His Bride, the Church!