Decatur, GA. It is a great blessing to see the fruits of your previous efforts, and to make new connections with people while evangelizing. On a recent evangelization outing in Decatur, Georgia, street evangelists met several people whom they had encountered in previous weeks, and also made a new friend.

“A gentleman named Pitman stopped by and asked for another medal. He displayed his miraculous metal which he was given several weeks ago. It was a joy to see his regard for the miraculous medal. Jeffrey and Michael also made a return visit to us. Unfortunately Michael misplaced his medal and he wanted another one. His sincerity brought forth joy in us.”

The evangelists also had two visits from “Romana,” a parishioner at St. Thomas More in Decatur. She thanked them for their presence evangelizing on the streets of the city, and informed them that her parish has twenty-four hours a day Eucharistic adoration. This inspired them to come and pray at the parish before evangelizing on their next visit to Decatur. Romana collected several brochures and expressed interest in sharing Saint Paul Street Evangelization with her parish. She also asked if some of the members of her prayer group could come and evangelize with the group.

Great work, Team! Praise be to Jesus Christ, now and forever! And as for you, Join us!