Plymouth, MI. An SPSE team in Michigan recently brought the faith to the streets at the “Heartbeat of Plymouth Festival, and encountered lots of non-Catholic Christians.

Many of them were very receptive to hearing about the rosary, expressing the desire to have deeper prayer lives. The Catholic teachings on the Blessed Virgin Mary did not seem to be much of a live problem for them – they were mostly curious about what the Church taught.
Among the visitors was a family that was going to the big mega church down the street from the local Catholic Church. They took a rosary, and during the conversation they revealed that they were still seeking, and had not yet found a church that was satisfying their hunger for God. The evangelists told them about the Catholic Church, just a mile away from the church they were going to, and about how Christ founded the Church and gave himself to her in the Eucharist.

One of the evangelists, Maisa, reports the outcome: “They were so happy to be able to have information and they even wanted to go to the Alpha program at the Catholic Church and get started in RCIA!!!”

Praise the Lord! It is always a joy to see Christians being drawn to the Sacraments, where a deeper connection with Christ can be found! Join us, and share in this ministry to all those who need Jesus (that means everyone)!