This past Friday, the team met “Jan,” a young woman from a Quaker background. She said that she was raised in the Evangelical Friends church, but was considering becoming Catholic. She said that Catholic radio had been a big influence on her, and she had learned about the Catholic Church’s history when she attended a Methodist school.

The team members discussed with her how the Catholic Church has the support of history behind it because there used to be only one Church, the Catholic Church. They also discussed with her how unique the Church is in that it has never changed its teachings — Protestant communities can and do change because they are human institutions, but the Catholic Church is from God, Who is the same yesterday, today, and forever. None of this is to deny that Protestants come to know Christ and have fellowship with Him in their communities, but it says that Christ does not desire for His disciples to remain divided, but all to be united in the Church He founded – One Flock, One Shepherd.

Jan said that she is moving away from this community soon, but she took our materials and we let her know that there would always be a Catholic Church available wherever she goes.

Praise God for a productive day for this small chapter of St. Paul Street Evangelization! Also, pray for us, and if you have not yet gotten involved as an evangelist or supporter, please do so today! Every member of Christ’s Church is called to spread the Gospel and draw others closer to His Sacred Heart.