Santa Clarita, CA. Recently, the Santa Clarita, California SPSE team spent six hours evangelizing outside of a local Walmart. They got permission of course! In fact, they had to fill out a form ahead of time. Boy was it worth it!

Among them were three young evangelists, on fire for Christ: Hope (11 years old), Steven (13), and Gaby (15), who participated actively with their older companions in sharing the faith, and giving away bottles with holy water, rosaries, miraculous medals, prayer cards and information brochures.

This time, the team met a lot of Catholics, at various levels of the practice of the faith. Some of them were very active in the Church, others not at all, and others, somewhere in between. For example, a Catholic woman accepted two rosaries from Hope and Steven for each of her daughters. She was delighted to see children evangelizing in public, and promised to bring her daughters to join them the following week. They also encountered two Catholic religious education teachers, a Catholic director of parish men’s program, a Catholic who hadn’t been to confession in a long time, a disappointed ex-Catholic (who, interestingly, accepted that the Catholic Church was founded by Christ and that all others were man-made), and a Catholic father and son who hadn’t been attending mass. They spoke to each of these people and more – sharing resources, prayer, and themselves. After evangelizing, the team went to 5:30pm Mass at St. Kateri Tekakwitha parish.

Great work, team! Saint Paul Street Evangelization teams are heeding Christ’s call to go out into all the world and share the gospel! Are you responding to that call? Take a chance – join or start a team, or support us with your prayers! Want to support us financially? Try our Member Program.