San Francisco, CA. Ted and Robert from the San Francisco team went to Civic Center Plaza in late August. It was upbeat day from beginning to end. They met many Catholics who said they were regular attendees at Sunday Mass, including โ€œVay,โ€ who is Vietnamese, and also Elizabeth, who took medals and rosaries.

Elizabeth, who is pictured here, said she had forgotten how to pray the rosary, so the evangelists re-taught her and gave her the 15 promises of Mary card.

Mitch, also Catholic, told them that he had not been attending mass regularly. They invited him back to the sacraments and offered him encouragement at length. Mitch encouraged them, in turn, by revealing that he prays for 30 minutes each morning for the passengers on the tour bus he drives. He also said that he prays to God throughout the day and thanks him for his many blessings.

One homeless man, Leonard, stopped and took rosaries and medals and asked the evangelists to bless him. Then he asked them to pray over him so that all evil spirits would leave him and only good would remain with him. He was wearing the blessed Benedict Crucifix and miraculous medals while they prayed.

They wrapped up after about an hour and a quarter, but before they had completely packed up, two homeless men stopped by and asked for rosaries. One of the men had clearly been homeless for a very long time; and even though he had few teeth and he showed the wear and tear of his grim decades on the street, he had a smile on his face. “I believe strongly in God,” he said. He then proclaimed the good news of the gospel to our evangelists, proclaiming, “Jesus died for our sins.” Amen! What a high note on which to end the day! The evangelists testify: โ€œThese words are still ringing in our ears.โ€

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