Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield, GA. Most times, street evangelization takes the form of casual conversations; evangelists making real contact with people. Clarence and Kevin of the Atlanta, Georgia SPSE team set up recently at the Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield National Park. Beginning with a polite offer of a rosary to a passersby, Clarence struck up a conversation with a man and his wife, that led to genuine interest in the Church that Christ founded on the St. Peter, the Rock.

While accepting the rosary and a medal, the man saw the other items on the team’s table: “I didn’t know the Pope was on the one million dollar bill!” “Well, he is; yeah!”, Clarence replied. The man said, chuckling, “You don’t see those every day!” Pointing to the “Pope money” on which is printed, “RSV MATT1618 CE,” Clarence asked the man, “do you know what Matthew 16:18 says?”, and quoted it: “I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my Church.”

After some conversation about the Saint Benedict Medal, Clarence offered the man’s wife and daughter a rosary. They each took a rosary, and the mother said she wanted a rosary to put on her rear view mirror, telling the story of how she totaled her car the year before, and came out unharmed; protected, she felt, by her guardian angel. Clarence asked her about whether she prayed the rosary, and helped her “brush up,” on how to pray it.

Clarence and the woman continued conversing, this time about the Holy Mass. Although she was Baptist, the woman had been to Mass once with a friend. “How did you like it?”, asked Clarence. “It was really nice. I really liked it a lot… It was very different and was very beautiful.” Clarence went on to explain the Mass to her, and how much he loves it, speaking of his experience being a Mennonite and then a non-denominational Christian, before becoming Catholic.

This led him to speak about the doctrine and practice of the early Church, as found in the writings of early Christians, and their profound similarity to modern Catholic doctrine and practice. The woman and her husband were amazed.

“How long would it take, from here, to get to your Church?”, the woman asked….

Praised be the Lord Jesus Christ, Divine Head of the Church! All it takes to street evangelize, is to get out there and share the faith that is in your heart. Get into conversations with real people, like yourself. Will you join us? Become a supporting member, join a team, or start a team! Support the extension of Christ’s love deep into all hearts!