Stockton, CA. Evangelists from the Manteca, California SPSE team, headed north to Victory Park in Stockton, CA for the third week in a row. This time the team consisted of Corazon, Jaspher, and Jimmy, and they gave away about 40 rosaries and 15 Miraculous Medals plus many pamphlets.

Evangelist Jimmy spent about 20 minutes speaking with a man named ‘Frankie.’ The two of them are pictured here. Frankie received his Sacraments just through First Holy Communion, and he has had a life of many ups & downs. Frankie has been in and out of prison, and in and out of multiple religious groups, even joining the Jehovah’s Witnesses, so that, he stated, he didn’t believe you needed to be part of a Church, nor that Jesus Christ was God. Jimmy brought Frankie through the “I AM” passages of the Gospel of John, as well as John chapter 6, and encouraged him to go to the nearby Cathedral and make a good Confession and receive the Eucharist worthily.

Frankie finally took a rosary for his sister and a couple of pamphlets. At his request, the evangelists prayed for him before he left. Please pray for Frankie also.

Corazon offered a rosary to ‘Yvonne’ who just came home to the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil. Yvonne was not familiar with the Miraculous Medal, so Corazon explained its history. Yvonne stated she had been praying to God lately, asking, “What is next?”

They mentioned the Great Adventure Bible Study at St. George Church, starting the end of September. Jimmy explained the study and told her how much she and her teenage kids would benefit from it. She took multiple pamphlets with her.

Beth (Non-denominational) and Tony (Catholic) responded to a free rosary and Miraculous Medal offer and chatted a little with the group. They mostly attended Beth’s church, but Mass only rarely. The evangelists invited them to come back home to the Catholic Church, and reviewed John 6 and John 20. Tony then took several pamphlets after this short Bible study.

People find themselves in all kinds of places in life. Street evangelization meets people where they are, to help bring them where the Lord wants to take them next. This is a great work of God – a cooperation with the Holy Spirit in His plan to draw people to Jesus. Why not join us, and take part in this divine work?