Bloomington, IN. Here is our national director, Steve Dawson, at the Bloomington, Indiana Art Fair. He gave each of these two women a miraculous medal with a crucifix on a chain. This is a great way to do street evangelization – offering people a free gift as a way to break the ice and get conversation going. In this case, after gratefully accepting their medals, Steve asked these women if they were Christian. They were. Then he asked them what Church they attended. They said that they attended a local Protestant church, right next door to a Catholic church. Then Steve asked them if they had ever considered becoming Catholic. They hadn’t, and so Steve gave them one good reason to consider it: the Catholic Church is the one Church founded by Jesus Christ, and is protected from error in its official teachings. The women were grateful, and took Steve’s business card, promising to call him to find out more.

All Christians find their salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, but faith demands discipleship, discipleship demands obedience, and obedience demands following Jesus in the Church which he established on the rock of the Apostle Peter (Matthew 16:18). There is One God, One Lord Jesus, One Holy Spirit, one hope, one faith, one baptism, one Church of Christ, which is his Body (See Ephesians 4:4-6). Join our work, and help us bring many people to Jesus Christ, and to the Church which he founded!