Here we see Father Alan of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate evangelizing on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. Fr. Alan and the rest of the team spoke to dozens of students in the relatively short period of time they spent on campus. Most of the students the team encountered were freshmen who had only recently arrived for the school year, and hadn’t yet had time to connect up with the Catholic Newman Center on campus. The team was able to direct them to the Newman Center.

The team had many good conversations with students, especially about secularism, and the existence of God. One student, a freshman, who had just arrived, had not yet found a Catholic Church and so had missed Mass that first Sunday in Bloomington. The team encouraged him to do his absolute best to make it to Mass every Sunday and Holy Day, not because God needs anything, but because in justice we owe God our worship and praise, and because we need the graces and help that comes from loving, obeying, and serving Him. It is for good reason that the second commandment obliges us to worship God at Holy Mass!

The student took this message to heart, and Fr. Alan heard his confession right then and there.

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